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Ken Has Dinner With Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli recently performed in Primm, NV which is about 35 miles south of Las Vegas. Myself and a couple other friends were her guests for the evening, as well as having the opportunity to meet her backstage. As most know, she has been in the news media quite a bit lately for her health issues; but I have to tell you, she is amazing on stage and can still sing and dance with the best of them. She commented on how she recently lost 44 pounds (she looks great), and has had two hip replacements which have not slowed her down from dancing all over the stage. The concert was scheduled to run 90 minutes, but she was having such a great time and the audience gave her several standing ovations, that she kept singing and the concert was just a few minutes shy of 2 hours!

After meeting everyone with backstage passes, she asked a few of us to join her for a private dinner at a restaurant in the resort. The restaurant had a private section roped-off in the back just for her party. Three very large security guards were standing along the rope to make sure our dinner was uninterrupted from cameras and autograph seekers. The security was so tight, even one of her dancers who forgot his backstage pass, was not able to enter until she waved him in. She was so gracious and everyone was enjoying an evening of chatting and laughter - and guess what, she even picked up the tab for all of us! What an honor to meet a living entertainment legend and then have dinner too!

Years ago, it used to be entertainment etiquette here in Las Vegas, that when stars came to perform, they would do a special, free non-publicized, private concert for the rest of the Las Vegas entertainment community. Those shows used to be at about 2am in the morning; which ensured all performers would be done with their shows and could make it to the private show. Many would use this special show as an opportunity to try out new songs, new choreography, and new jokes. I have to tell you - Liza Minnelli is the ONLY performer that still does that for the rest of the entertainment community. I had the privilege to see her private show last year at the Luxor Resort here in Las Vegas. She went on stage at 2am to a packed house - the who's who of Las Vegas entertainers filled the theatre and were treated to a 2 hour free concert by Liza.

It is so nice to see that at least one living-legend superstar still has the heart, love, and committment to give back to the fellow entertainment community. Liza is one classy lady. It was truly an honor and privilege to recently meet her. Not many people can say that they had dinner with Liza Minnelli!

                    Liza Minnelli with Ken Owens

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