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Want More Customers and More Sales...For Free?

Give Me One Hour and I Will Teach You How to Generate Free Media Publicity by Publishing Your Own Press Releases

Press Releases: 101 

Learn the Process of Writing and Distributing a Press Release for FREE Media Exposure

Large corporations harness the power of press releases every day and now you can learn how to take advantage of those same techniques for your small business or non-profit organization. Free publicity generated from a press release equates to increased awareness of your products, services, or mission; as well as increased sales or donations. Press releases also generate TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine media attention; which in turn can label you as an expert in your field for your local area.  I know friends who now appear regularly on their local TV and radio stations as the expert giving advice to that station’s viewers. 

Gaining media attention is like a rock rolling down a mountain; once it starts, you gain momentum and additional media opportunities keep coming your way!  Media exposure in this form is perceived as more credible and more knowledgeable than information coming from a paid advertisement.  All it takes is a few hours per month to generate media buzz for your business.

Whether you are a real estate agent, doctor, lawyer, hypnotherapist, plumber, speaker, author, entertainer, massage therapist; or own a traditional retail or service business,         non-profit organization, or online business – this program is for YOU!  Don't spend thousands of dollars per month to hire a PR Agency; learn the techniques in this training series and do it yourself!  

Buy NOW and start attracting free publicity...before your competition does!
$137     $59 + $7.15 USPS Priority Mail Shipping
Program includes video training on USB drive, PDF workbook, and WORD Press Release Template
(Suggested for USA business use only)
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